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Former Member
Oct 12, 2006 at 09:06 AM

How do I load SIDs into a Master Data Object?


Hi again,

I created an InfoObject WCUSTOMER with 0CUSTOMER as template (NOT reference). That means the structure of these two objects should be identical. Now I want to load WCUSTOMER also with the same data.

I loaded WCUSTOMER with attributes and texts using the InfoSources 0CUSTOMER_ATTR and 0CUSTOMER_TEXT. But of course, SIDs are missing. Otherwise I won't see any data because WCUSTOMER does not know which attribute tables to refer to. Right?

Now how do I get these SIDs into WCUSTOMER? I can see that apparently 0CUSTOMER is using a DataSource called 0CUSTOMER_LKLS_HIER for that purpose. But (1) the BI does not offer me a chance to use this DataSource as well for WCUSTOMER and (2) it wouldnt even make sense because 0CUSTOMER and WCUSTOMER would then refer to the same set of attribute tables which was not the purpose of creating a separate InfoObject for Customers. Right?

So how can I manage to get some SIDs into my WCUSTOMER object in order to use the attribute and text tables I already filled with data?

I hope someone can give me a hint. I'll assign points of course...