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Former Member
Oct 12, 2006 at 08:05 AM

Extract all new fields added to tables



I need to extract all fieldnames that have been added to the specific tables in my data dictionary.

The user inputs a date then i have a SQL query but i'm not really sure about the results it gives me.

  SELECT tabname fieldname as4date FROM DD03N
    INTO TABLE t_newfield
    WHERE as4date > p_date
    AND tabname like 'ZVOIT%'
    OR tabname like 'mvke'
    or tabname like 'mara'
    ORDER BY tabname.

In fact this query only returns me the fields with data elements than have been created (or modified). It's incomplete as some fields were added but refering to a data element that already exist and they are not extracted.

Anyone has an idea about how i can do that ? Or maybe my query is'nt questionning the right table ?

Thanks for the help