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Oct 12, 2006 at 06:25 AM

Hex Code for EoF indicator


Hi Folks,

I have a requirement to create an extract file on the application server. The client also mandates that the file must contain a box symbol as an end-of-file marker.

I have tried defining a hex field with an eof value of '1A', but the program short dumps claiming that the field cannot be passed to the extract file because SAP interprets the hex field as a 'non character type'. I've attempted to translate the hex field to character, but that just results in the value '1A' being written to the character field.

I've opened the dataset for output in text mode with the default, UTF-8 and non-unicode encoding parameters, but I still get a short dump. I've also tried opening the file for binary output, which didn't dump, but then my data doesn't come through, nor did the symbol I was after.

Can anyone help me get my eof marker into the file?