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Oct 11, 2006 at 10:42 PM

Create object TYPE BUS2000126 in workflow -> error


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I´m successful creating an activity in a workflow (CRM 5.0).

In the corresponding task container an attribute of type BUS2000126 was added.

In the workflow method I want to create also an object of type BUS2000126 by using the guid of the generated activity. After that the new object should exported to the container.


 swc_create_object lv_object_act 'BUS2000126' lv_act_guid.
 swc_set_element container 'YY_ACT' lv_object_act.

The parameter lv_act_guid contains the activity guid ( TYPE crmt_object_guid).

The container element YY_ACT has the TYPE BUS2000126.

My problem:

By dialog processing in the debugging mode the object lv_object_act is generated without errors and is added to the container.

By dialog processing WITHOUT debugging OR background processing the object lv_object_act is not created.

So the workflow task ends with an error.

The error isn´t caused by missing authorization because the workflow user WF-BATCH has the sap_all profile.

Does anybody know this behaviour and can provide some hints?
Thanks & cheers,

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