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Oct 11, 2006 at 08:07 PM

Merging 2 ODS into 1 Cube



i have 2 ODS-Objects (ODS_A & ODS_B) and have to merge the content into a Cube by an update-routine. The problem is, that it is not a 1:1 merge.

Here is a short description of the merge-logic.

In the update-routine i declared 2 internal tables and "move" the content of the ods-object to the tables (see source-code). after that i want to join the 2 internal tables, but it looks like it is not possible. i know that oracle is able to do it in the following way.


select * from ods_content_a as a, (select col1, col2 from ods_content_b group by col1) as b where a-col1 = b-col1.


knows anyone a solution to join 2 internal tables or to reproduce the oracle sql-statement???

data: ods_content_a like ods_a
data: ods_content_b like ods_b

select * into ods_content_a from ods_a

select col1 sum( col2 ) into ods_content_b from ods_content_b group by col1

select col1, col2 from ods_content_a as aods_content_b as b where a-col1 = b-col2.

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