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What is the meaning of TRANSPORT REQUEST Dependency?

Mar 31, 2017 at 01:01 PM


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I have developed one object in DEV system. My functional asked me "Please confirm for any TR dependencies in PRD with respect to the program?". What does it means exactly? Could anyone please answer me what is the meaning of Transport Request Dependency and why we have to check? what should i reply to him?

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Why are you afraid to just ask "functional" what they meant? I'm confused...

How could SCN members know what that person actually meant? The other Kiran already explained what would "transport dependency" mean in general but coming from "functional" with this particular verbiage it might as well mean something else.

Or if you are afraid to ask then just take a guess and then reply "this is how I understood it and this is what I found, if it's incorrect then please clarify".

Most likely "functional" won't bite you if you just ask for clarification. Or if they do then you need to talk to the management. Constant fear will get you nowhere. Neither will relying on a global website for interpretation.

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1 Answer

Kiran K Mar 31, 2017 at 02:10 PM

Kiran Kumar,

Just imagine two developers are working on a new Development with one Program each but with a ztable which is commonly used in both the programs.

Developer A had created a Program Z1 and table ZTAB in a TR C12345.

Developer B had created a Program Z2 and uses the table ZTAB in his program in a TR C45678.

Now for the program Z2 to be moved to Production it is mandatory that the table ZTAB developed by Developer A be also moved. ie Developer B's TR is having a dependency on Developer A's TR because table ZTAB is in Developer A's TR.This is just a simple example.

There could be much more complex dependencies depending the kind of Object you are invloved in.

From that perspective,now you can visualise if there are any TR dependencies for yours.


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