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Former Member
Oct 11, 2006 at 02:58 PM

Problem with SCs that created before the Name Server was configured



I have created an SC and developed it.

When I created it, the Name Server wasn't configured and because of that, when I created new DC for this SC I needed to write the vendor manually. Lets assume I wrote

Sometime after I did configured the Name Server and I reserved as a namespace prefix.

When I create new SC and new DCs in it everything is OK: Instead of writing as my vendor I can choose from a combo box between and my own which is

The problem arises with the SC that has been developed before the Name server was configured: If I create new DC for it the vendor is shaded with inside with no option to change it, even though the previous DCs for this SC were created under the vendor (which I entered manually).

I assume I can (with a lot of manual work) create new SC and move the DCs (or only their code) to the newly created SC, where I have the option to choose, but I am looking for more simpler solution. For example, changing a certain configuration file at the SC or so.

Anyone has an idea?

Thank you in advance,