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Oct 11, 2006 at 01:48 PM

Start of SMD agent fails!



After the installation of SMD AGENT 7.00 SP09 we've got some problems starting the agent.

The errorlog says: (/usr/sap/SMD/J98/SMDAgent/log/SMDSystem.0.log)

Oct 11, 2006 2:11:26 PM [Thread[SMDAgent connection thread,5,main]] Error

Registering agent on server Unexpected exception.Nested exception is:



However, the manual setup of the agent succeeds:

./ /usr/java14_64 50004 j2ee_admin PASSWORD



SAP Solution Manager Diagnostic - SMD Agent Setup - Copyright (c) 2005 SAP AG



SMD Agent Setup is in process ...



- STEP 1: checking JDK location

JDK location is consistent: /usr/java14_64/bin

- STEP 2: checking JDK Version

JDK Version is correct: 1.4.2

- STEP 3: checking Connection to SMD Server

SMD Server check completed successfully

- STEP 4: generating Runtime Properties has been created.

- STEP 5: generating Launcher

smdagent.bat has been created. has been created.

- STEP 6: generating SecStore has been created. user has been set. generation completed successfully.

- STEP 7: checking P4 Connection and SMD Agent Registration

SMD Agent Registration succeeded



SMD Agent Setup completed successfully



During the start process of the agent, the agent appears in the agent administration tab in SMD/admin, but it disappears after the erroneous shutdown.

What can we do?

Thanks for all hints solving our problem!


André Richter