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Oct 11, 2006 at 12:55 PM

Template Configuration Tool on NetWeaver



I am wondering if we are still supposed to use the "Template Configuration Tool" for NW2004s as we did with the previous NW04 installations. We have completed the installation of SR1 NW 2004s and we have reviewed OSS Note 739788 which states that "The Template Tool is only for use with Netweaver 2004 installations (see below)!".

I understand that we have to run the "Template Installer" from the NWA to either configure locally or connect/register to a remote SLD, etc... but what part of the installation process for EP on NW2004s applies the correct tuning parameters (i.e. ThreadManager, HTTP, JVM Memory, etc...)?

The installation documentation only discusses the Template Installer, not the Template Config Tool.

Is this a manual process now or are the parameters implemented during the installation based on the usage type during the initial install?

Any guidance is greatly appreciated,

Kind regards,