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Oct 11, 2006 at 09:23 AM

Installation ERP.2005 SR1: Initial Data/Log Volumes SIZES



i did several search attempts (incl. google, sapnet & sdn) but failed to find the minimum volume sizes for the initial LOG and DATA volumes on AIX 5.3 and MaxDB 7.6.

the installation guide (SAP ERP 2005 SR1 ABAP on AIX: MaxDB, V. 1.0 - June 02, 2006) states on page 34 the requirements for the database instance as follows:

-> Unicode 70 GB

several notes (incl. 919.177, 921.593, 949.716 as well as 628.131, 814.704, 820.824 and 869.267) leaded to no conclusion regarding volume sizes.

when i started the installation program sapinst the gui comes up with a minimum of -> <b>90 gb</b> <- for all data volumes (and 2 gb for all log volumes).

=> why the difference?

=> why is there no (concrete) figure regarding space requirements?

<i>the problem is that i have to implement accurate filesystems in advance - so this was kind of unexpected and was (at least a small) drawback in the installation progress as the initial disk capacity was too small...</i>

any hints welcome! thx in advance!

GreetZ, AH