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Oct 10, 2006 at 05:04 PM

Debit memo request document type with demo item categories



In R/3 I have a document type ZRDR-of category-L(Debit memo request) with L2N item category assigned to it.

Now for this document type in CRM corrosponding document ZRDR-what should be the 'Leading Transaction Category'?

I have assigned 'Bus2000115 sales' in CRM.

(since nothing like demo doc in CRM).

Now there is one item category 'L2N' already present in R/3 & CRM.

In CRM : for L2N: Item Object Type = 'BUS2000167 Customer Debit Memo Request'. L2N item category has already been assigned to various documents in CRM.

Now when I try to assign this item category to ZRDR in CRM it gives an error. like

"Item category L2N is not allowed according to table CRMC_BT_BTI_ASSI

Message no. CRM_ORDER_CUST089


Item category L2N is not permitted for transaction type ZRDR. Here, business transaction category Sales of item category ZRDR is not assigned to business transaction category Debit Memo Req. Item of transaction type L2N.


Check whether the assignment of the item category is correct for the transaction type, and, if necessary, change the assigned business transaction category at header or item level."

Need to know how the demo request in R/3 can be configured in CRM along with there demo item categories.


Dhanraj Dange