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Oct 10, 2006 at 12:54 PM

Query transport



I often use the Transport Connection to transport new queries and query changes.

It always works fine.

But I actually don’t know how query elements are collected and I try to understand it now.

As an example, I created a new simple query. The generated name is 43E3SV5N2VIYTVIQYGCZT4KL0.

Using the standard procedure (Transport Connection), I put it in a transport.

I then look in the transport order (SE10) and find the different query elements with their technical name (they are of type "Elements of the Query Builder").

But I don't find the above mentioned technical name of my query.

Is it normal?

Does the system only need the query elements in the transport, and not the query itself?

How does the system then know what the name of my query is, to generate the same name after transport in production?

I know it works but I’d like to know how...

Best regards,