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Oct 10, 2006 at 07:59 AM

Stumped! KM Navigation iView and Layout Sets



I configured a KM Navigation iView to use a custom layout set so that the documents from my repository are listed in a tree like structure (via the layout set's layout controller). I specified the neccessary collection and resource renderers so that on the iView where all these are taking effect

1. the documents are shown in as a tree on the iView's left

2. the document, when clicked, opens up on the same iView, appearing on the tree's right

When I integrate this iView into my workset, and subsequently in my portal desktop, the iView does not function correctly. Instead of opening the document on the same portal window, a new window is opened up. In addition, while previewing the iView in Portal Content, I do not see the details of the items in the tree (such as size, rating and annotations) but these details appear on my portal desktop.

Anyone knows why the preview of the iView shows one thing while the iView on the portal desktop shows another?

Thanks in advance,

Yours truly.