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Oct 09, 2006 at 08:22 PM



Hi gurus,

Can any one give some suggestions about my SYATM_NO_ROLL shot dump. some batch jobs are running with SEND SAPCONNECT INT for every 10 mts and after running some period of time its get fails and generating Shot dumps.

Runtime Errors SYSTEM_NO_ROLL

Unable to fulfil request for 163577700 bytes of memory space.

Each transaction requires some main memory space to process application data. If the operating system cannot provide any more space, the transaction is terminated.

Try to find out (e.g. by targetted data selection) whether the

transaction will run with less main memory.

If there is a temporary bottleneck, execute the transaction again

If the error persists, ask your system administrator to check the following profile parameters:

ztta/roll_area (1.000.000 - 15.000.000)

Classic roll area per user and internal mode

usual amount of roll area per user and internal mode

ztta/roll_extension (10.000.000 - 500.000.000)

Amount of memory per user in extended memory (EM)

abap/heap_area_total 100.000.000 - 1.500.000.000)

Amount of memory (malloc) for all users of an application

server. If several background processes are running on

one server, temporary bottlenecks may occur.

Of course, the amount of memory (in bytes).......

Hope so this is a known problem to you guys. Please give some tips and suggestions.

I checked all our memory parameters it looks fine and even checked the SCOT configuration.

Alternative jobs were failing...Please suggest me...

Thanks in advance..