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Loading an external Component via ComponentContainer in SAPUI5 SplitApp

Mar 30, 2017 at 02:43 PM


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I have two applications which are standalone, SAPUI5 Components. One of the components is based an a SplitApp with a detail page, preview view that calls the other, external Component in the onAfterRendering method:

onAfterRendering: function () {    this.addCompContent();},
addCompContent: function() {
var container;
container = this.getView().byId("previewPage");
var componentNamespace = "<namespace>";
var componentURL = "<component url>";
var oComp = new ComponentContainer({ name: componentNamespace, url: componentURL});
xmlns:html="" controllerName="<namespace>.controller.tiles.preview">
<Page id="previewPage" title="previewPage">

The external App/Component that is to be called in the above view returns a set of elements based on the pattern (in this case an ID) passed to the views URL.

After calling onAfterRendering in the SplitApp DetailPage, I receive a view with a loaded component, but it navigates directly to a NotFound.view.xml of the external component, instead of the root view. But if I run this component/app standalone, in a separate browser tab it works well (doesn't navigate to the NotFound.view).

If I do exactly the same but in the MasterPage of a SplitApp (firing a click event on a button to navigate, therefore rendering the view and loading component) - both button and displayed view are placed in a MasterPage, it works fine (even providing an event bus to change a dashboardId and load another content works as it is suppose to do).

But if a button is on a MasterPage and the preview view on a DetailPage, it routes me directly to NotFound.view of the external component that I'm trying to load.

Why is it working on the MasterPages but not working on the DetailPages of the SplitApp?

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1 Answer

Jun Wu Mar 30, 2017 at 03:48 PM

I think I met this issue before, you have url #change, the embedded component is also responding to that url change.

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So the solution would be to change both patterns to be the same?


somehow you have to figure out a way to differentiate it.