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Oct 08, 2006 at 09:01 AM

Logon during upgrade not possible


Hi guys,

I'am doing an upgrade to ECC 6.0 on a slow 820. (but that's not the real porblem 😉)

Now I got stuck in ACT_700, when he tries to activate a structure that has some fields defined twice:


DO519 "Table" "MC02M_0SCL" could not be activated

Field BANFN in table MC02M_0SCL is specified twice. Please check

Field BNFPO in table MC02M_0SCL is specified twice. Please check

No OSS or SDN notes about this problem

Normaly I would log in into the shadow instance, and adjust the stucture myself. But only DDIC and SAP* are allowed to logon, and those users are not allowed to make changes in customer's system

So I created an extra 'normal' user as a copy of DDIC in the shadow instance as mentioned in the upgrade manual. But that user can not logon: 'Upgrade still running: Logon not possible'

Even after 'tp unlocksys'

SE06 and SCC4 settings do allow for changes

How can I logon as a normal user so I can change a structure during an upgrade?

Help appreciated, Paul Hoogendoorn