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Mar 30, 2017 at 11:18 AM

HANA - Scalar Function not executing in parallel

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My cenario is:

  1. 1 Graph Calc view calling
  2. 1 SQLScript View that execute a SQL with 2 scalar function

I have 2 ScalarFunction in HANA to execute some complex-logic for a data range. I execute both separately and time results are:

select value, Scalar_Function1(value) from table

--> 14sec

select value, Scalar_Function2(value) from table


So, if I try execute the both ScalarFunction on same SQL the result time is:

select value, Scalar_Function1(value), Scalar_Function2(value) from table


I think hana is not running this SQL statement in parallel mode. What is necessary to do for parallel execution of this Functions?