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Planning Levels Config : A Scenario

Mar 30, 2017 at 11:05 AM


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Hello Forum,

I got a simple doubt, PFB scenario and help me to deal it in right way.

I got a Location, Product and Location-Product master data. I maintained 1 location value and 4 different products at this location. I got KF1, KF2 keyfigures & its planning level are Location-Product.

Approach 1:

KF1 say Material Consumed @ Location 1 is valid only Product 1,2, which are Raw Materials.

KF2 say Material Produced @ Location 1 is valid only Product 3,4 which are Finished Goods.

Now when i upload the key figure values against the respective raw material & finished good, you could see the below layout

Issue: System has extended the key figures to all present combinations of Location-Product. There by displaying "Empty" values for Material Produced key figure @ Raw material 1 and 2 etc

Approach 2:

Further break the planning level of Material produced and make it more granular

KF2 : Material Produced @ Product - Location -Source ID. And below is the lay out.

Issue: Issue is still with Material Consumed KF as its mapped to all combinations of Location-Product, it listed for all products and blank values for the Finished Good 3,4


1) Is there a way we can suppress these Null Combinations and avoid the confusion on excel planning views. (In analytics charts, we can supress the Null values by click of a button)

2) Is there any other way to deal with this, apart from splitting KF to the most granular level ..which gets further complicated with more planning levels. In the above scenario, for the Material consumed key figure, i should bring up another planning level object called "Supplier" to it and make it Product-Supplier-Location. But that's not the case with our client. And even if it is, there are bunch of suppliers for these products and not all suppliers supplies these products and in planning views, it will lead to more null values

Thanks for reading and reaching till here :)

Appreciate any thoughts on this


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Lingaiah Vanam Mar 31, 2017 at 07:51 AM

Hi Venkat,

Planning view is showing as expected. If combinations are available it will represent the values either Null or Value.

Maintain the below setting to suppress the Null values by click of a button.

Go to Edit View --> Sheet Options --> Rows: Hide Empty or Hide Empty and Zero values.


Best Regards,


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