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how to block an MM credit memo for payment automatically (MIRO)

Mar 30, 2017 at 10:34 AM


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due an internal process, the purchase invoice without PO are also posted in MIRO (using the GL account sheet and no or reference). Those invoice without PO are autormatically blocked for payment thank a custo done in the transaction OMR6 AN, then a SAP workflow starts and request to the cost center responsible to approve this invoice. The approval remove the payment block in MRBR.

The accounting team wants to have the same process for the credit memo without PO (so posted also from MIRO) : the wants the item is blocked for payment, and then sent automatically for approval to the cost center responsible who approve the CM and release it for payment.

the problem is the custo in OMR6 AN only block the invoice without PO for payment, not the credit memo. So do you have any idea how we can blocked for payment the MM credit memo without PO ?

Thanks for your help !


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2 Answers

Florent PEREZ Mar 31, 2017 at 08:39 AM

Any idea ?

The thing that I have noticed is if I link my MM credit memo without PO to an invoice without PO (posted in miro too) already blocked for payment, the CM will be block for payment too automatically.

When the invoice without PO will be unblock for payment, the payment block of the CM will be removed automatically.

However, if you posted your MM credit memo without PO and you don't link to any invoice, you can't block your invoice for payment in MM (you can't put a payment block R in the payment sheet in miron when you are coding your invoice). The only solution I have found for now is to post my CM without PO from MIRO (not linked to any invoice), it will be free for payment. So I hope of FI item in FBL1N, modify it and add a R payment block, then this payment block will be replicated in MM.

Do you see how it could be done automatically ?



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Pablo Casamayor Mar 31, 2017 at 09:04 AM


check this OSS Note:

1156325 - BAdIs in the Logistics Invoice Verification environment

and pay attention to badi MRM_PAYMENT_TERM

Berst regards,


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