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Former Member
Oct 05, 2006 at 07:41 PM

Workflow exploding SOFFCONT1 - what to do?


Hi all -

We have just recently implemented workflow for purchase requisitions at our company. Along with workflow, we have implemented workflow email notifications via RSWUFWFML2. Correspondingly, our database table SOFFCONT1 has grown extremely large in a very short time.

We are trying to minimize the size of this database. Originally we thought we could do it by deleting all emails over 30 days old via RSSO_PRIVATE_DELETE and then removing them from the database via RSSORE00. The first step works just fine in deleting the emails from users' inboxes, outboxes, etc. However, the table isn't getting any smaller!

Does anyone know what we can do to get this table's size down?

Thanks very much!