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Mar 30, 2017 at 08:22 AM

Unable to cancel pick in EWM


Dear Guru's,

I have a unique situation with regards to cancel pick.

1 – A return PO and OBD is created in ERP. The OBD had only 1 line item.

2 – At EWM, the user split the delivery line item adding line 20 & 30

3 – Picking for line 20 & 30 was done and GI posted.

4 – Due to the split, the GI PPF did not get processed. When we try to process the PPF, we get an abap dump.

5 – Dump analysis shows that the system is trying to populate an inbound structure into outbound.

Now, in order to fix the issue, I did a cancel GI on the OBD in EWM from the ODO button. Now when I try to do a cancel pick it, the system does now allow me to do it.

Attached document has the details.

Can anyone please advice and help.

Kind Regards,



odo.png (121.9 kB)
odo1.png (136.9 kB)
cancpick.png (132.3 kB)
canclpick1.png (115.0 kB)