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Oct 05, 2006 at 02:08 PM

SPNegoLoginModule and Fallback


Hi I have a problem with configuring SPNego on EP6 SP16

The SPNego works fine if configured allone, as a single LoginModule in the stack.

EvaluateTicketLoginModule (Sufficient)

SPNegoLoginModule (Requisite)

CreateTicketLoginModule (Optional)

When I try to add an additional LoginModule to the stack as a fallback solution, the SPNegoLoginModule stops working.


EvaluateTicketLoginModule (Sufficient)

SPNegoLoginModule (Optional)

CreateTicketLoginModule (Sufficient)

AnonymousLoginModule (Requisite)

CreateTicketLoginModule (Optional)

Each of the modules (SPNegoLoginModule/AnonymousLoginModule) works fine, if placed alone in a LoginModuleStack but when putting them together it looks like the SPNegoLoginModule stops reading the Authorization header from the HTTP-Request.

Has anyone managed to put the SPNegoLoginModule together with another LoginModule in one stack?

I have traced the HTTP-Request and everything looks exactly the same but when i am looking into the Portal log, SPNego can not find any user information.

Any and really any hint will be very very helpfull.