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Former Member
Oct 04, 2006 at 12:41 AM

EBP and SUS in Classic Scanerio !!!


Hello SRM Experts,

Is it possible to implement supplier enablement (SUS) with EBP in classic scenario. As far as I know there are two scenario in which SUS can be implemented.

1. EBP-SUS Scenario :-Used for Procurement of Services and Indirect Materials.

2. SUS-MM Scenario :- Used for Procurement of Direct Materials.

Currently we are in classic scenario SRM3.0 and want to upgrade to SRM 5.0 with SUS/LAC etc.. so we if we implement EBP-SUS scenario how the vendor will send purchase order/Response to EBP as in classic the PO is in R/3 not in EBP. Also in this case what all functionalty will the vendor (supplier) or buyer (Purchaser) will have than the normal EBP-SUS scanerio.

Thanks for your help.