Entering the tag "ASE" answers.sap.com should show "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise", but doesn't

(I'm submitting this to "SAP ASE - BW Enablement" because that's the first choice for the "ASE" tag suggestions and other users looking for info about ASE might find this and know where to go)

When you type in the string "ASE" for an answers.sap.com tag, it doesn't show the most important tag "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise" when searching for ASE. Instead it shows "SAP ASE - BW Enablement" as the first choice.

Are there aliases for important tags?

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2 Answers

  • Apr 14, 2017 at 05:36 PM

    The following are all SAP managed tags, and thus selectable as a primary tag:

    • SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise
    • SAP ASE - BW Enablement
    • SAP ASE - HADR Enablement

    One might describe the issue here as two-fold:

    1) Synonyms or "short names" are not implemented yet in the community tag picker.

    2) Associative and hierarchical relationships between terms has not been implemented yet.

    When implemented, you would see all related results when typing in "ASE" (because "ASE" would also be associated with the product name "SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise"). Furthermore, the terms would show up in a "family" of sorts, so that SAP ASE - BW Enablement and SAP ASE - HADR Enablement would appear in the tag picking experience as children ("associated terms").

    As the roadmap matures we'll have a better idea of when this functionality will be available in community.

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  • Apr 13, 2017 at 01:07 PM

    Hello Ben,
    I just read about this topic.
    You're right, 'SAP ASE' should not appear as primary tag so far and the fact something is returning by typing that might be confusing (even if we know we have HADR solution for SAP ASE, and BW running on SAP ASE).

    The correct primary tag is the one you mentioned: 'SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise', we may just type "SAP Adapt" and the rest appears.

    I'll notify internally about your finding. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    Best regards,

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