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Migration of Seeburger Interfaces to SAP B2B Add-On & SAP SFTP Add-On !!

Mar 29, 2017 at 03:03 PM


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We have around 25 interfaces which are currently utilizing Seeburger adapters like AS2, SFTP and Split. Now, the client wants to MIGRATE from Seeburger to SAP provided adapters for these services. I have already identified that SAP provides 2 different solutions for this requirement - SAP B2B Add-on & SAP Secure Add-on. My PI Version is 7.5 Now, I have below doubts in my mind and it would be really helpful if anybody clears them. 1. What about existing PI mappings. Since the EDI structures for SAP are different from Seeburger, mappings will have to be created from scratch? 2. There are few adapter modules configured in seeburger adapter such as below localejbs/Seeburger/AttribMapperLocal Enterprise BeanAttribMapper localejbs/Seeburger/FileStore Local Enterprise BeanfileStore localejbs/Seeburger/solution/as2Local Enterprise Beansolutionid localejbs/ModuleProcessorExitBeanLocal Enterprise Beanexit are there same modules available in SAP B2B AS2 adapter??? 3. Any documents available for reference. Any information on this topic is appreciated. Thanks

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3 Answers

Ryan Crosby Mar 29, 2017 at 03:17 PM


In regards to your mappings they will have to be created from scratch as the structures will be different - to my knowledge there is no migration tool offered for this. As far as the comparison of modules, SAP does provide several features for the AS2/SFTP adapters which many coincide with the features of those modules you have mentioned.


Ryan Crosby

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s. sharma Mar 30, 2017 at 09:28 AM

Thanks Ryan for your reply

Is there any documentation related to this where I can understand the APIs available with B2B adapters(AS2 and SFTP)??


Sandeep Sharma

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Himanshu Pani Apr 12, 2017 at 07:56 PM


for your quries:

1. What about existing PI mapping --> U need to develop them as the same done in old box, bcoz u need to export xsd from B2B Cockpit and import it to ESR as with new B2B AddOn PO only understand the said structure. But it's pretty easy to see from old and drag n drop on the new box.

2. Not these adapter modules were with new B2B AddOn, you can try to simplify these interface now with B2B AddOn. Note if you EDI-- XMLEDI and vice versa work well in B2B Integration Cockpit then you are all good to go.

3. Document: Few available in scn.



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