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Oct 03, 2006 at 12:51 PM

Error in Currency translation....


Hi All,

Can you pls let me know how do I go about and solve the following problem in my query. The currency conversion is not working fine.

We have defined a formula to calculate tax. This formula is made up of 3-4 fields. Problem is, The value of formula in target currency does not become zero when its value in source cuurency is ZERO. Query output looks something like below.

Fisper value in source value in Target

currency currency

002/2006 -1,000.00 1,159.15

003/2006 1,000.00 2,290.44

004/2006 0.00 6,035.39

005/2006 0.00 - 3,040.80

006/2006 0.00 1,500.90

007/2006 0.00 1,587.08

Values in Target currency do not make any sense. I expect for 002/2006 and 003/2006 to have same value in target currency but with a sign change. for 004/2006 to 007/2006 the values should have been zero.

can you pls figure where is it going wrong



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