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Select Dialog with tree aggregation

Mar 29, 2017 at 02:20 PM


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Hello All,

I'm looking for a control like the SelectDialog with a Tree as aggregation. I know that the control is deprecated but what is the alternative? How can I create a control like that? I'v tried to add the StandardTreeItem in the aggregation of the SelectDialog but without success. I can only see the first node and cannot expand further nodes...

<core:FragmentDefinition xmlns="sap.m" xmlns:core="sap.ui.core">
<SelectDialog title="Equipment" search="_handleValueHelpSearch" confirm="_handleValueHelpClose"
cancel="_handleValueHelpClose" multiSelect="false" items="{EquipmentTree>/nodes}">
<StandardTreeItem title="{EquipmentTree>description}"/>

  "nodes": [
      "id": "ZZ-1801",
      "description" : "Elektrische locomotief 18",
      "nodes" : [
      "id": "L18-1/18011",
      "description" : "Kast HLE18",
      "nodes": [
        {"id": "BL18/118-117", "description" : "Draaistel HLE18"},
        {"id": "SL20597/6596", "description" : "Motor-compressorgroep HLE18"},
        {"id": "TBL1A/11591", "description" : "Antenne Eurobalise"},
        {"id": "TL18/N-311-685-1", "description" : "Hoofdtransformator HLE18"},
        {"id": "BL18/118-041", "description" : "Draaistel HLE18"}

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