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Oct 02, 2006 at 10:16 PM



Hi Community,

Tomorrow I'm going to participate in XI exam session. I've browse through all threads regarding certification on SDN. But still I've some questions regarding it:


Do you know on which service pack questions are based on?


I've found some sample. Could you correct wrong answers. I've marked with asterix (*) questions which in my opinion are not right for current SP versions.

1. Which of the following is not a component of Exchange Infrastructure.

a. Integration Server

b. Adapter Engine

c. Business process management

d. Master data management


2. SAP XI is the integration technology and platform for

a. A2A and B2B Applications

b. Cross Component Business process management.

c. SAP and Non-SAP applications

d. Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication

e. All the above

a b d

3. Which of the following is not benefit of XI?

a. Pre delivered Contents

b. Total cost of ownership

c. Openness and Interpretability

d. Cross Component Business process management

e. Integration of all modules MM,SD,FI,PI etc.


4. Which of the mapping is not available in XI By default

a. Message Mapping

b. ABAP Mapping

c. Java Mapping

d. XSLT Mapping

e. None of the above.


5. Choose the true about types of mapping XI supports

a. Structure Mapping

b. Node mapping

c. Value Mapping

d. Functional Mapping

a c

6. During Mapping the attribute or element is already assigned mapping, but mapping is not complete. What is the color of ICON for the element/attribute?

a. Red

b. White

c. Yellow

d. Green


7. Which of the following is not generic function?

a. concat

b. CopyValue

c. DateTrans

d. ifWithoutElse

a c d

8. Which of the following in not true about user defined Simple functions

a. process individual input filed values for each function call

b. Expect string as input parameter

c. Takes the object of GlobalContainer class

d. Return a string


(*) 9. Which of the following are required to create a user defined function

a. Name

b. Description

c. Argument Count

d. Label

c d

10. Which of the following package are by default imported in user defined functions

a. java.lang


c. java.reflect

d. All the above

e. None of the above

a b

11. Mapping trace does not support following function. Choose one

a. addWarning

b. addDebugMessage

c. addDebugInfo

d. addInfo


12. In Mapping Trace addWarning function which of the following is true.

a. Supports trace level 1,2 and 3 .

b. Supports trace level 1,2 .

c. Supports trace level 1 .

d. Supports trace level 1,2 ,3 and 4 .


(*) 13. Which of the following is not true about multi mapping

a. Multimapping supports m:n transformation

b. Use Abstract interfaces

c. Can be implemented without ccBPM

d. Development is same as Message mapping


14. Mapping template can be defined for structure mapping for the following structure. Chose the wrong one.

a. Data type

b. Complex types in IDOC and RFC’s

c. Complex types in external definitions

d. Message types

e. Reference types used in multiple templates can be located in any software component.



What is generic function in message mapping? Do you have any idea. Is it generating function?

Thank you in advance.



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