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SBO Mailer is not sending attachments SAP B1 For HANA , Please help

Mar 29, 2017 at 12:22 PM


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Dear All ,

I'm facing a problem with sending the emails .

The emails are sent but the attachments is not included .

I have checked the emails report in SAP B1 and the attachments are there .

Tried using different email proveder (gmail , company email) with no luck .

Also , tried to send the same email to different email provider with no luck

The test result are ok when doing the test on : https://*******:40000/job/

Tried also with TLS ticked and without .. same results .

We are running on SAP B1 9.2 PL06 For HANA .

Any help would be very appreciated as we are lost in this situation .

Thanks in advance .

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Has anyone found a answer to this question...we SAP B1 Hana 9.2 PL08 and mounted a linux folder but no luck

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4 Answers

Nagarajan K Mar 29, 2017 at 12:41 PM


It is an application error. Please upgrade to 9.2 PL07.



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Former Member

We have upgraded to PL07 and still having the same issue .. Please advise



SAP Note 2091232 show the steps how to solve the issue, but you have to replace the user and password according to your infrastructure.
Please follow the steps of the SAP Note again using your user/password, you should be sure that you have a mount point in your Linux server (/mnt/sbomailer) then restart Server Tools and test.

Kind regards,


SAP SME Support

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Thanks for your comments .

This solve the problem .

The mounting part is weird . why should i mount a linux folder to another linux folder (the original shared folder is in linux SAP HANA server ).

In addition , if you have a subfolders in the main attachments folder (for users for example) you have to mount every one of them in order for them to work .

Lastly , please re write your answer in a separate reply so i can mark it as an answer for other people to find the answer easily .

Thanks again :)

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Former Member May 31, 2017 at 12:47 PM

Dear Hadi,

I also stuck with same problem, Then I found the solution in following link.

Please follow the below steps.

1. download mailer.war from this page:
2. Stop Server Tools
3. backup <install folder> /SAPBusinessOne/ServerTools/mailer/webapps/mailer.war then replace it with the one downloaded
4. delete folder <install folder> / SAPBusinessOne / Common / tomcat / webapps / mailer
5. Start Server Tools
6. Test connection again.

With which the sbo-mailer connection worked.


Karunakaran P.

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Former Member Jun 12, 2017 at 08:12 AM

We recently had SAP Business One installed, and we're experiencing the same issues.

Our SAP support company we use says we need to mount a share to the server where we want to keep attachments which we've tried to do and still cannot get attachments to send.

Our SAP shared attachments install points to our Windows server \\servername\saplivedocuments then we were told to run this command on SAP Hana via Putty;

mount -t cifs -o,user=sapuser,pass=password //servername/saplivedocuments /mnt/sbomailer/attachments

Despite my best efforts still doesnt work. I came across this post but the link on the previous post has now expired.

I would be curious to know how others resolved this.

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Natalia Pedroso Da Silva May 22 at 08:22 AM

Hello, I'm facing the same issue.


Tried all the above suggestions without success.

If someone has another suggestion I'll take it.

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