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F-47 Purcahse Document number without Item Number

Mar 29, 2017 at 10:45 AM


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Hello Expert,

While giving Down-payment Request through F-47 we need Purchase Document No.only we dont want item number.. why because of in one PO 15 items user dont want to give Manually. and against Purchase Order No. we are giving 50% advance Payment.

how to hidden against Purchase Document number Item number should be hidden, suppressed.

Thanks & Regards

Pranav Kumar

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2 Answers

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Former Member
Mar 30, 2017 at 02:22 PM

Hi Pranav,

It is not possible to do this.

The field EBELP has field status set as 'Required' hard coded internally.

You cannot change it. You must always insert the value there.



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Hi Selmo,

Thanks for Replying.

The issues is, User want WBS Element Wise Down Payment Made Vendor Details, in Purchase Order we assigning the Purchase Order Number system picked Asset as well WBS ELement updated Automatically . while Down Payment Request through F-47, we give payment Item Wise. and document Posted.working Fine.

but while F-48 with Reference of F-47 .. I am Getting Error ,

Account 100005 not yet defined as reconciliation account in company code A100

Message No. AC308


The account assigned for these circumstances (G/L account:down payments) has to be a reconciliation account. This account is not yet defined as such in company code A100


Define the account as a reconciliation account.

I have seen the GL MAster data 1000005 Supplier Advance Recon A/c K- Vendor is assigned.

But while F-48, I am getting following error,

"Contact your System Administration Table Error)

Message NO. AA824

Contact your system administrator (table error)

Message No. AA866


No account has been entered for posting down payments in area 01 under the account assignment key 123001 (chart of accounts INDS.


Enter the account using the Customizing menu.

I have seen the configuration as well in AO90 there is an option for Acquisition Down Payment Field ..but Field is Blanck.if we give Existing Adavnce Made to Vendor system through the Error.

So what is the Prerequisite. As i understand.

1. OBYR or FBKP we are assigning the

Sundry Creditors and Advance Spl GL

200200 Sundry Creditors- K Recon A/c and 100200 Advance Suppliers Recon A/c K- Vendor

Kindly help us how to do ..

Thanks & Regards


Gustavo Vazquez Mar 30, 2017 at 02:48 PM

Selmo is right, you cant do that.

I had a similar situation and we created a Purchase Line Item specifically for down payments

Kind Regards

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Hi Gustavo,

Thanks for reply.

The Issues is , While Payment Request through F-47 and give Purchase Order system Picked Asset Number as well WBS Element.

if We do F-48 Down Payment Made to Vendor Advance with reference of F-47 Document Number.. system does not allow me to Post.

I am getting Error

Message No.F5060,

Posting is only possible with a Zero Balances, Correct Document.

Kindly help.

Thanks & Regards