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EXEC_METHODCALL_PPF Follow Up Document Not Saving

Dear all,

I am trying to create followup activity on certain statuses of service request using BOL programming in action profile BADI.

If I am triggering this BADI on status which is not initial where service request is already created the code is working correctly and followup document getting created successfully.

However if I am triggering this BADI on initial status where service request is not saved yet my followup activity is getting created in buffer ( I am able to see activity no. on WebUI and when I open that activity it is giving information box as "The predecessor does not exist on the database" ) but not getting saved in database table.

Please help what could be the issue.

I have written following code to create followup document:

        CALL METHOD lc_action_execute->get_ref_object


            io_appl_object = io_appl_object

            ip_action      = ip_action

            ip_preview     = ip_preview

            ii_container   = ii_container


            ev_guid_ref    = lv_guid_ref

            ev_actionname  = lv_actionname

            ev_actiontext  = lv_actiontext.

        DATA(lr_core) = cl_crm_bol_core=>get_instance( ).

        lr_core->load_component_set( 'BTBP' ).

        CHECK lr_core IS BOUND.

        DATA(lr_order) = lr_core->get_root_entity( iv_object_name = 'BTOrder' iv_object_guid = lv_guid_ref ).

                IF lr_factory IS BOUND.

                  CLEAR it_params.

                  CLEAR wa_params.

                  wa_params-name  = 'PROCESS_TYPE'.

                  wa_params-value = 'Y001'.

                  APPEND wa_params TO it_params.

                  DATA(lr_order_sms) = lr_factory->create( it_params ).

                  IF lr_order_sms IS BOUND.


                   lr_adminh_sms->lock( ).

                      DATA(lr_tran) = lr_core->begin_transaction( iv_entity = lr_adminh_sms ).

                      lr_core->modify( ).

                        IF lr_tran IS BOUND.

                          lr_tran->save( iv_force_save = abap_true ).


Thanks & Regards,


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