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Best place to begin design of old HTML pages with Web Dynpro

I am new to web dynpro (and the Netweaver environment). I just took the EP150 course so I have an idea of how to create pages with both Visual Composer (although I doubt I'll use that much) and in java projects in NWDS.

My first application is to be an online purchase requisition application to replace one written in Lotus Domino (this will NOT be integrated with R/3- we will have a seperate DB for these documents outside of R/3). I have taken the HTML main page from that application and coded it as a JSP but I am getting the impression that the overall design/coding may be simpler if I do the project as a web dynpro. I want to find some sort of a primer that describes the various controls that go on the web dynpro view in order to figure out how I can take my HTML design and bring it into a web dynpro project. Can anyone point me to a resource that does this? I've checked the help and SDN and not found anything that is too helpful yet.

Can anyone tell me if it would be worthwhile for me to attend the JA310 Web Dynpro course? I have done a couple of the tutorials posted on SDN for web dynpro but haven't done much else with it as of yet.



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3 Answers

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    Sep 29, 2006 at 03:57 PM


    It seems you have multiple questions.

    For getting information about all the view elements in the Web Dynpro, the best place (practically) is NWDS.

    You can place any control in a view and in the outline select that element, right click and say 'show help' that would show you what that control can do.

    Here is link for the same.

    If you are new to Web Dynpro then it would be worth to attend JA310 that would definitely give you a practical approach towards Web Dynpro development.

    If you don't want to spend money on the course then try to go through all the tutorials avilable on sdn they cover the topic in great way.

    I hope this helps you.



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  • Sep 29, 2006 at 04:23 PM

    You can start right here on SDN. This is a great place to find info. I have always gotten great responses from the Forums on this site.

    Also, here is the Basics page for Web Dynpro on SDN.

    web" target="_blank">">web [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

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    Sep 29, 2006 at 05:43 PM

    I don't know such a migration guide, but here are some general remarks:

    The Web Dynpro programming model does not use tag-libs, markup, scripting etc. as you might have used in JSP or BSP applications.

    Instead, you create your view layout using the NWDS view designer (or the runtime API) and place UI elements like tables, input fields etc. inside containers.

    Containers have layouts (e.g. MatrixLayout, RowLayout, FlowLayout) and UI elements placed inside a container have layout data for setting individual layout constraints. This is similar to programming in non-Web frameworks like Java Foundation Classes (Swing).

    The UI elements get their data from the view controller context by data binding. There is a hierarchy of controllers (view, custom, component) and the corresponding controllers may be mapped, giving an automatic data flow through the controller hierarchy.

    The complete details of markup (e.g. HTML), client-side scripting, CSS etc. is provided by the client-specific framework part and the application is completely shielded from these technical details.

    This has the additional benefit that a Web Dynpro application can be run on completely different clients without change.

    Example: If tomorrow it will be hip to run your business application inside some other UI technology, e.g. Adobe Flex, SAP will provide a new Web Dynpro client and all Web Dynpro applications will run without change inside this environment. (Replace Adobe Flex by any other relevant framework).

    Compare this to a programming model, that directly uses HTML, Javascript etc. Good luck rewriting several thousand user interfaces!

    So in your concrete use case, look at your UIs from such a perspective and identify the Web Dynpro concepts. This should help in the migration process.


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      You can have a mixed approach. Make a web service using J2EE and consume that in Web Dynpro. In that way you have a standard look and feel for your users, whether it is R/3 backend or anything else.

      If you guys have decided on portal then Web Dynpro is better, the users will get used to it and will appreciate the new Web Dynpro look and feel.

      We had similar situation here and Web Dynpro was Success!!!!