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Sep 29, 2006 at 12:52 AM

Multiple SAP Systems as UME


Hi Experts,

I have a certain query which I am putting in here. We are using an SAP CUA system as the UME of our portal. The CUA is hooked with 3 SAP systems in turn. So any user having id in any of these three systems are automatically users of the portal. Now my question is - instead of using the CUA - is it possible to integrate multiple SAP systems directly with the portal/WAS being its user base? Currently if I look into the UM configuration -> SAP system page - there is option to enter data for only one SAP system. So my first question is - whether it is at all possible or not. And the obvious second question is - if yes then how.

Please enlighten me on this topic. I know we can hook multiple LDAPs to one portal as UME - but didnt find anything on multiple SAP systems usage similarly.

Thanks in advance,