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Sep 28, 2006 at 09:14 PM

SEM:BCS - Copying Consolidated data from one version to another



We have a situation where we do Consolidation of Forecast data. However this involves mixing Actuals data. For eg.

1) Q3 forecast would contain Q1 and Q2 as Actuals and Q3 and Q4 as Forecast

2) System has already done the consolidation for Q1 and Q2 lets say in version 0

3) Forecast is a different version eg. F1.

4) I want to be able to copy the Consolidated data of Q1 and Q2 from version 0 to version F1. Then load the data for Q3 and Q4 for forecast and perform consolidations for Q3 and Q4.

What I have seen in the system is -

a) You can copy only the non-consolidated data from one version to another and not for eg. Elimination entries etc.

b) This means that I have to perform consolidations in version F1 for quarters Q1 and Q2 again even though its already been done in the Actuals version (0).

c) Is there any way out of this. There is always the possibility that the consolidated data in Q1 and Q2 does not match between Actuals (version 0) and Forecast (F1)