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Sep 27, 2006 at 07:28 PM

Bapi Does not update Doc flow


Hi All,

We have found a discrepancy in the goods receipt process . When i do a manual process using MIGO i see the following in the doc flow.

Doc. Date Overall ProcessingStat.

. Purchase order 56005883 08/30/06

STO Delivery 87068558 08/30/06 Completed

. WMS transfer order 6002450608 08/31/06 Completed

. TF to stck in trans. 49806781 09/03/06 complete

. Service Confirmation 09/03/06 Completed

. Goods receipt 5000074657 09/12/06 Completed

But when i do the goods receipt using the BAPI 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE'the doc flow does not get updated.

. Purchase order 56007669

STO Delivery 87115631 09/26/06 Completed

. WMS transfer order 6002478832 09/26/06 Completed

. TF to stck in trans. 49853247 09/26/06 complete

But still i can see that the delivery has benn goods recieved. Has anyone come across a simiar isssue before? Please help.



For a standard STO that has been received with MIGO this is the doc flow -- notice the goods receipt at the end.