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Former Member
Sep 27, 2006 at 04:52 PM

Change asset posting account


Here when the make the Periodic Post for some assets I need to post assets with a specific Evaluation Group in a different account of the one wich is in its account determination.

A friend's suggested us to create another chart of accounts for these specific assets, but our client thinks that his users may type a wrong account determination or make a mistake when creating an asset.

We tried to copy txn ASKB to change the account for assets with the specifc evaluation group, or even create one to create a new one to to post this assets correctly. But we realized that if we use our ZASKB we couldn't show the asset (or link it) by the FI post. And developping a new program to post this specifics assets we could not use any of the AA standard reports because it won't "see" the correct post for theses assets.

Anyone have been through something like this before?