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Sep 27, 2006 at 08:55 AM

UM DataSource Configuration


Hi All,

I was refering the following discussion thread

UM Configuration help needed to change the UME Datasource from dataSourceConfiguration_database_only.xml to dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml.

I was able to understand the following steps explained by Kaushal:

1. Goto System Administration->System Configuration->UM Configuration

(Do not change the datasource from here)

2. Select SAP System tab

3. Enter the following and Save

Client, User, Password, System language, Application server, System Number, Maximum Size of Connection Pool, and Maximum Wait Time in Milliseconds

4. Shut Down Portal Server

5. Run the Config Tool and Under Cluster Data->Global Server Configuration->services->; find the key ume.persistence.data_source_configuration

6. Change the value to <your required one> (for eg: dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml)

7. Click on set and from Flie->Apply

8. Restart the portal server and your data source is changed

My doubt is; the step to upload the configuration file (i.e. dataSourceConfiguration_abap.xml)is not mentioned. Where do this step come (in the above sequence) and how do you do it? Is it using System Administration->Sytsem Configuration->UM Configuration and DataSource tab. If yes, when is this step done in the above sequence of steps.

I have downloaded the configuration file using the note 718383.

SAP J2EE SP level is 09.

Best Regards,