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Batch classification update error

Mar 28, 2017 at 02:37 PM


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I am facing an intermittent problem regarding the batch classification (023) on the material master. There are certain business scenarios that require us to update the batch classification in transactions MSC1n and MSC2n and sometimes these values get copied from the batch to the same classification at the material level. This error causes an inconsistency that we are required to directly edit the AUSP table to resolve.

We have raised a ticket with SAP and they believed that it was due to custom coding somewhere but could not provide the program(s) causing the error. The issue does not present itself at regular intervals and we have never been able to reproduce the error. I have looked through the few userexits I know of and we do not have any code that is even related to the batch classification. I suspect there is some other configuration or update processing that is changing these values but I cannot locate.

Any help would be appreciated if anyone has seen this type of error in the past.

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JEFFREY SWARTZEL Apr 05, 2017 at 06:19 PM

Any thoughts from experts?

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you have not provided enough details.

We do not know how you have setup batch classification, how you defined the characteristics which are affected, we do not know what fields you change. If SAP, who is able to access your system and can look at your data, has no other idea than a custom program then how we shall be able to provide better ideas without even seeing as much as SAP Support did?


These are all good questions Jurgen. There are a number of hidden characteristics that have been defined that are most commonly the culprit. In the beginning, there were several standard classification characteristics that were updated and this was only a slight annoyance because we could change them manually. However, in the last few months, all the affected characteristics have been hidden which requires us to do a direct table edit to resolve which is obviously very risky and undesirable.