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Sep 26, 2006 at 10:44 PM

Error accessing JRA


Hello Everyone,

I have successfully deployed a JRA connection factory on my J2EE 6.40 Engine and I can see the instance on Visual Admin. My problem lies in attempting to open a connection to a JRA instance in Java.

I'm using this method found on the SDN:

	private void openConnection() {
		try {
			InitialContext initialcontext = new InitialContext();
			connectionFactory = (ConnectionFactory) initialcontext.lookup( CONN_FACTORY_NAME);
			connection = connectionFactory.getConnection();
			interaction = connection.createInteraction();
		} catch(NamingException exc) {
			throw new EJBException(getExceptionText( exc));
		} catch(ResourceException exc) {
			throw new EJBException(getExceptionText( exc));

and it successfully finds the JRA service, however when opening the connection on this line <b>connection = connectionFactory.getConnection();</b>

I get this error:


javax.ejb.EJBException: Connection to ABAP System could not be opened, because lookup for Connection Factory failed with error "Couldn't create ManagedConnection with . {jco.client.passwd=****, jco.client.lang=EN, jco.client.sysnr=12, jco.client.client=100, jco.client.ashost=, jco.client.user=MYUSER, jco.client.type=A, jco.client.jra_conn=true}"


If anyone can provide help, I would be most appreciative!