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Sep 26, 2006 at 01:58 PM

Smartform Doubt... Page protection


hi frnds,

i am working on PO smartform. i have changed the standard smartform according to client requirement. here i have placed one footer window size is 6 CM. this should come on last page only i.e. after end of all items of PO. for this i fixed main window before this footer window. assume that Paper size is 29 CM. here i have placed main window till 23 CM after that i have placed footer window ie from 23 to 29 CM. for printing data under footer window i have used command AFTER END OF MAIN WINDOW. this is working fine.

here suppose if the PO having 5 pages of data then in first 4 pages i am wasting 6 CM on bottom. in the last page i am printing footer window.

but the client was not accepting wasting of 6 CM on each page. he was asking to pull the main data till end of each page then display the footer window on last page. if the footer window doesnt fit after printing all items then it should go to next page only.

hope this will be clear for all.

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