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Writing UI5 controller functions using javasrcipt keyword prototype

Mar 28, 2017 at 11:09 AM


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When i create a simple UI5 app in webide, the default controller code generated is:

], function(Controller) {
	"use strict";

	return Controller.extend("ABC.controller.View1", {


Now, i prefer writing functions using keyword prototype and hence wanted to change this and changed to:

	modName : "ABC.controller.View1",
	type : "controller"

sap.ui.controller("ABC.controller.View1", new ABC.controller.View1Controller());

ABC.controller.View1Controller = function() {

Here, editor gives error as ABC is not defined and on running the app, the console gives Type error: ABC.controller.View1Controller is not a constructor.

Any idea why this should be happening?

In Index.html property data-sap-ui-resourceroots='{"ABC": ""} is also declared.

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1 Answer

Jun Wu Mar 28, 2017 at 12:35 PM
	modName :"ABC.controller.View1Controller",type:"controller"});

how about this?

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This will not work as the modName is always the module name of the object be it view or controller. Because it's literal translation is to load ABC/controller/View1.js file and register it. See the sdk - https://openui5.hana.ondemand.com/#docs/api/symbols/jQuery.sap.html#.declare

 new ABC.controller.View1Controller some place you have controller in the name. do u have to make it consistent?

anyway, i think it may not work. "extend " did a lot of things behind the thing. what the point of your try?