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Sep 25, 2006 at 11:35 PM

Reading special characters from URL.


Hi, all

Let me comment about we have a par file that reads a parameter from an URL. For example:


This PAR works fine on ep6.20. But when we deploy it on ep7.0, some special characters can't be readed. for example the character (é) is changed to (?). We notice this changes at the Log Viewer or writing this information in a text file. At same way, these characters (á,í,ó) are changed to (?). This is an example of the change:

ruta = /documents/Portal_COM/KM/DC/Operaciones/Almacenes/M?xico

This PAR have an AbstractPortalComponent class to read the parameter. This is the code:

public void doOnNodeReady(IPortalComponentRequest request, IEvent arg1)
Registrador.escribe(Registrador.ERROR, "Archivos:doOnNodeReady " );
MenuData menuData = new MenuData();
Vector vecMenus =null;
StringBuffer strbPath = new StringBuffer("");

StringBuffer archivoFile= new StringBuffer("");
XmlMenu xmlMenu = null;
Connection conn = null;
String publicPath = request.getPublicResourcePath().toString();
String pathFile = "";

conn = Conexion.getConexion();

String strRuta = request.getParameter("ruta");




Registrador.escribe(Registrador.INFORMATIVA, " ruta = " + this.getRuta());

This PAR file was done in ECLIPSE 2.1.3 with the PDK plugins.

There is some special way to read these special characters or we need to configure something at application server?

Thanks and regards

Jose Angel Rodriguez Olvera