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Sep 25, 2006 at 09:49 PM

ArchiveLink and External Content Server


Newbie question.

Well, we are going to try to implement ArchiveLink HTTP interface 4.5 for a DMS to be able to use it as certified external content server. We are planning to user java/jsp. We can specify content server as 'http://mycontentserver:8080' and in script 'contentserver.jsp'. That part I understand. SAP is going to call contentserver.jsp and will append a request like 'getDoc' to it along with other parameters like docId, contRep, authId, expiration etc. The URL will look like http://mycontentserver:8080/contentserver.jsp?getDoc&contRep&authId&expiration. Is it correct that the contentserver.jsp will have to parse these parameters and create a getDocument request understandable for the DMS? Secondly, what if the DMS is not storing documents in components? Do we then have to modify the underlying DMS architecture to make it support SAP document structure (one document can have one or many components)?