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Mar 28, 2017 at 08:41 AM

CSD-150 and CSD-160 Errors SPRunConso

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Hello everyone, hoping someone out there can help with an issue on Consolidation that we're having (BPC MS 10, patch 21.1).

I have been receiving Consolidation package failures, with error codes CSD-150 and CSD-160. I have checked several SAP notes (including 1827841, 1751643 and 1624987 but none the solutions apply).

To test the issue I deleted all my rules and put back one intercompany rule. I found that when there's data in the month in question, but where it does NOT hit the single IC rule I have specified, I receive the CSD-150 and 160 errors.

As soon as I put just one IC entry in the system (which then completes the single rule that I have), the errors disappear.

Is it true that these errors are appearing just because there is no data that hits my elimination rules? I would have thought the package status should still show as "Successful" but with 0 rows calculated, rather than "Failed".

If this is "normal" behaviour, is it possible to inform the system to ignore only the CSD-150 and 160 errors?

I found the below posts which does suggest it's a known issue.

Thank you for any help you may be able to provide!