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SAP IDM 7.2 Jobs are NOT running

Mar 28, 2017 at 08:24 AM


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idm-dev-error.jpgDear Experts,

I have SAP IDM 7.2 system with repositories like SAP ECC, CRM, and NON SAP products.

It was running fine and now i have observed that Job Log is completely empty.

The DB connection string test is successful.

The dispatcher is running fine and all jobs are scheduled properly.

The provisioning is not working anymore and no job logs generated. When I try to run "update job" manually, the "Run now" button even after pressing multiple times, nothing is working out.

The job is already enabled and still "run now" button is not able to run job.

Please advise, what could be reason?

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1 Answer

Lambert Boskamp Mar 28, 2017 at 11:26 AM


once you've pressed the "Run now" button, the job's state in the database changes and the "Run Now" button becomes disabled until the job has executed once - which may never happen, as you observe.

What I typically do is:

  1. Stop your dispatchers from MMC
  2. Log on to the IDM database as MXMC_ADMIN using an SQL client
  3. update mc_jobs set scheduledtime=null, state=1 where state=2;
  4. start your dispatchers again

The SQL in step (3) will reset all jobs that are currently in "Running" state back to "Idle". After these instructions, start your job again manually using "Run Now". If it still doesn't run as expected, check the dispatcher log and system log in MMC to see if that provides any clues as to the root cause.

Kind regards, Lambert

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