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Sep 25, 2006 at 10:40 AM

BIG VC problem - Need Help!!!!!


Hi all while trying to solve the problem below I now have a major issue. I am now getting a Fatal Error: Fatal error: No Visual Composer Server was found at specified address....

I have looked on the forums and this appears to be quite common however I am not having any luck getting this fixed! I am also slightly concerned as many people are mentioning change to the VC folder in IIS. But our install has nothing in IIS.

I am amazed this has happen as all that has been changed is the logging, an it has had a negitive impace on our VC server!!!

Really need you help!!!

Thanks in advance

(A concerned!

Hi All

I have a query which I am using to arrange data, however I am contantly getting the following error when I try to deploy it to my portal:

Error in compiling Flex application (1). Consult log file for details

I have found a How To.... guide but I still cannot get it working!

I have found this in the log file if it helps:

String literal was not properly terminated

Any help or advice would be great!

My Query is:

Select "RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."prodgrp" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."sectorcode" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."CurrentSales" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."Sales" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."PreviousSales" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."CurrentGPC" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."GPC" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."PreviousGPC" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."CurrGP" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."YOY" ,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."PrevGP" ,


from "RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"

order by case when "RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."sectorcode" <> 'Zt' then 0 else 1 end,

"RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."prodgrp" , "RPTDB"."dbo"."SectorSalesByPrdGroup_Summary"."sectorcode"

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Message was edited by: Phil Wade