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Sep 25, 2006 at 08:56 AM

Problem with File download in ALV via ITS. Please help!


Hi Experts,

I have a ALV report which I have web enabled using ITS service. In the ALV there is a delivered functionality for file download. It works fine when the report is run in the SE80. But when I run the ITS service for the report and choose file download option it displays a page saying "this page has been diaplayed due to technical reasons" with title "File properties". In addition it looks for Java runtime in the browser. After all this it opens a popup window for selecting path and file name.

This is not user friendly and many customers have rasied their concerns on it.

My question is that,

Q1: What is the need of this "File properties page"? Why ITS calls this while ABAP editor does not?

Q2: Is there any way we can suppress this so that it directly opens a popup window for selecting path and file name?

Please help me.