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Sep 23, 2006 at 07:49 AM

query regarding the onload event of in MAM code


a) Condition condition = null;

b) condition = queryBuilder.getOrderSimpleCondition ("SYNC_KEY", RelationalOperatorType.NOT_EQUALS, "0");


c) context.addValue("orderListType", orderListType);


In the above lines of code ,

Plesae tell few things:

1) what is the purpose of Condtion Object in a) ?

2) what is the purpose of querybuilder in b)? Does it just makes a condtion for the data to be fetched or after making the condition it goes to the database and fetches the result ? .

When i debug the application condition just contains " SYNC_KEY<> 0"

3) In c) orderlisttype is the list variable that contains the orders fetched from database, if i am right ? Then who is setting the orders from the database to this list variable ?


Basically , i am looking for how data is fetched from database , put into variables ane then how data from these variables is shown to the user through JSP in MAM Code ?

I tried to debug the application and understanding it , but debugging takes you into JAR files ( compiles class files ), so got stuck there.

SO , could anybdy please share his knowledge on MAM Code or how to go abt it ?

Thanks & Regards,