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Former Member
Sep 23, 2006 at 05:32 AM

Jcontrol.exe J2EE server stopped


hi all,

i am having the problem with j2ee server. whenever i am trying to start the J2EE server then from the following two processes.

Jcontrol.exe J2EE server

igswd.exe IGS watchdog

then following thing happen

Jcontrol.exe J2EE server stopped

when i see the developer trace for Jcontrol.exe then it shows that

" ERROR Invalid return code for process [bootstrap] [exitcode = 66] [jstartxx.c 1452]"

"JcontrolExecuteBootstrap:Error executing bootstrap node [rc 66]"

can anybody tell me what is the reson for this?

and if anybody knows the solution for it then please tell me the solution step by step.


Hardik Patel.