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Send Mass SDS to Multiple Customers from CG54

Dear Experts,

I have requirement where i need to select multiple or one specification and send to different customers in one go. I have gone through post below:

I know from CG54 we can send MSDS to customers in one go, here we have to select different specifications and from menu we have to select report--> Send. As soon as we click on send it gives option enter customer and contact to whom we can send selected MSDS's. Here Customer and contact person field accepts only one value so we can send it to only one customer at time. My requirement is send MSDS to multiple customers in one go.

Is it possible to achieve this using CG54 or any other T-code or report.

Kind Regard

Amol Tambe

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7 Answers

  • Mar 28, 2017 at 06:20 AM

    Hi Amol,

    In my opinion this is not possible with the standard SAP EHS system.
    But there is a menu exit in CG54 that you can use to build this custom functionality.

    If it is always the same customers / or same customer combinations - you could try to set up an distribution list in SAP and send it to this list....

    Hope this helps


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  • Mar 28, 2017 at 07:35 AM

    Dear Amol

    I fully support feedback of Mark. The "best option" might be to use one of the "menu exits". Therefore: based on a "report tree" (which must be set up in such a way that any MSDS/SDS per material will be sent to the same "list of customers". The "list of customers" must the be specified via "menue exit".

    A potentially more convenient approach might be. think of an "external portal". Here the user can select by him/herself the "wished"MSDS and get the document (either as pdf etc.). This option is discussed quite often here and for many companies this is a kind of "best practise" in collaboration with the customer


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  • Mar 28, 2017 at 07:54 AM

    Dear Amol

    the "best solution" depends on "business needs" (e.g. frequence of use of this business need); should the tool be used by enduser etc.).

    In context of Marks answer:

    "If it is always the same customers / or same customer combinations - you could try to set up an distribution list in SAP and send it to this list...."

    According to my findings: nothing is stable in this area (the "wishes in context of MSDS disptach are a "huge story" and therefore a lot of "custom code" is needed (in most cases)")... therefore this approach can be used in "primitive cases" but in most cases the business need is "bigger" and therefore this approach is a kind of "workaround" bnut really usefull if used properly.


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  • Mar 28, 2017 at 06:04 PM

    Thanks avatar image Mark Pfister Christoph Bergemann . I am looking at having distribution list to send it to multiple customers in one go. But in this case do i need set up distribution list email address in T-code SO15 - SAPoffice: DistributionLists and then select SAP-Office option from CG54?

    Please see attachmentcg54-sap-office-key.jpg



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  • Mar 29, 2017 at 03:34 AM

    Hello Amol,

    My understanding is Yes you need to set up the Distribution list and external email address and name / company combination. This will work only for manually sending the reports. Automatic report shipping works differently. If you need to change that as well need modify the report recipient list configuration.



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  • Mar 29, 2017 at 06:25 AM

    Dear Amol

    you have these options

    1.) use "report recipient" for such purposes

    2.) Office users (used rarely; but possible)

    3.) Customer

    I assumed that you are looking more on "customer" (first option in your screen). The "report recipient" and "office" user option is more "company internal"

    On customer level in most cases a "special MSDS adress" is inserted/maintained in customer record.

    Still i am not sure if you have "understood" idea provided by Jayakumar and myself

    You would start in CG54 with a "material" based report tree. You have selected one sales organisation. Then you would use one "menue exit".

    Here you can use custom code (e.g. you can define a list of "customers".) Then you would "merge" this informaiton. That means
    based on selected materials, reports, sales orgs, and "addresses" (what ever kind of addresses you would like to use) in the background you would generate the required report distribution requests (either with subsequent shipment or not)

    Clealry: the "addresses" must be "up and running" (and defined properly). But this is daily business and this approach is used quite often.

    So as explained:

    If you love to develop "custom code". use this approach. If you would like to use the "simple" approach then, as explained by yourself, "just" define

    1. list of materials

    2. effected report

    3 one sales org

    4 one address (of whatsover kind)

    and generate the requests. As you can "stay" on report tree if you need only to use different" address" you can repeat the same for next address

    This is (in your case) a "workaround". The positive effect is: user can do it by his7her own; you need not to think about "customs code" and it is "stable and stupid" approach and quite standard in report distribution (this is a MAN_CALL).

    The exit approach is only useful if there is a "high benefit" (in many cases this benefit can be identified)


    PS; the "main trick" here is the "communication" part.

    For customer. you can use "LET" or "eMail". For recipeint: the same. For office user: i believe only "eMail" is possible

    So in "theory" you can "mix" addresses (in your list of addresses some of them would liek to get a "letter" and some other an "eMail"). According to exprience: this is not a "stable" situation. E.g. after some time somebody would like to get "email" instead of "letter"

    Here (potentially) some add on custom code is needed

    This "management of report requests" is quite a challenge (because of the many different business needs). Therefore. there is not a "best practise" existing. SAP is only providing the framework (quite good one in this case) and you can just sue this framework

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  • Apr 23, 2017 at 09:30 AM

    Dear Amol

    any progress here? After "rereading" your topic. One issue might be "your definition of a customer". In EHS standard distribution using data from SAP SD and some logic in EHS report distribution the "customer" is determined. This is very company specific. In any case: most of the "meaning" of the customer migh tbe "ship to" partner or "sold to partner". Experience has shown that this is not "always" goodoption. E.g. many companies doe have some "central organisation" handling SDS topics. Therefore this might be quite tricky to achive in SDS distrbution (but it is possible). As explained in my feedback: in most cases the "Customer" is "really" a customer an not an "office user" (as highlighted in your screen.

    Any solution in this are is "customer" specifci I am am not aware of any "Best practise" (eitehr from sez up point of view or realling by using the "SDS distribution option"

    If you are satisfied: please close thread


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